LUNAR@bbff1>set lines 150 pages 9999
LUNAR@bbff1>column name format a55
LUNAR@bbff1>column session_value format a14
LUNAR@bbff1>col KSPPINM for a40
LUNAR@bbff1>col ksppstvl format a15
LUNAR@bbff1>col KSPPDESC for a65
LUNAR@bbff1>select ksppinm, ksppstvl, KSPPDESC 
  2  from x$ksppi pi, x$ksppcv cv 
  3  where cv.indx=pi.indx and pi.ksppinm like '\_%' escape '\' 
  4   and pi.ksppinm like '%kcfis%';

KSPPINM                                  KSPPSTVL        KSPPDESC
---------------------------------------- --------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
_kcfis_trace_level                       0               sets kcfis tracing level
_kcfis_spawn_debugger                    FALSE           Decides whether to spawn the debugger at kcfis initialize
_kcfis_trace_bucket_size                 131072          KCFIS tracing bucket size in bytes
_kcfis_fault_control                     0               Fault Injection Control
_kcfis_caching_enabled                   TRUE            enable kcfis intra-scan session caching
_kcfis_large_payload_enabled             FALSE           enable large payload to be passed to cellsrv
_kcfis_cell_passthru_enabled             FALSE           Do not perform smart IO filtering on the cell
_kcfis_dump_corrupt_block                TRUE            Dump any corrupt blocks found during smart IO
_kcfis_kept_in_cellfc_enabled            TRUE            Enable usage of cellsrv flash cache for kept objects
_kcfis_nonkept_in_cellfc_enabled         FALSE           Enable use of cellsrv flash cache for non-kept objects
_kcfis_rdbms_blockio_enabled             FALSE           Use block IO instead of smart IO in the smart IO module on RDBMS
_kcfis_fast_response_enabled             TRUE            Enable smart scan optimization for fast response (first rows)
_kcfis_fast_response_threshold           1048576         Fast response - the number of IOs after which smartIO is used
_kcfis_fast_response_initiosize          2               Fast response - The size of the first IO in logical blocks
_kcfis_fast_response_iosizemult          4               Fast response - (next IO size = current IO size * this parameter)
_kcfis_max_out_translations              5000            Sets the maximum number of outstanding translations in kcfis
_kcfis_max_cached_sessions               10              Sets the maximum number of kcfis sessions cached
_kcfis_storageidx_disabled               FALSE           Don't use storage index optimization on the storage cell
_kcfis_disable_platform_decryption       FALSE           Don't use platform-specific decryption on the storage cell
_kcfis_storageidx_diag_mode              0               Debug mode for storage index on the cell
_kcfis_test_control1                     0               kcfis tst control1
_kcfis_stats_level                       0               sets kcfis stats level
_kcfis_io_prefetch_size                  8               Smart IO prefetch size for a cell
_kcfis_block_dump_level                  0               Smart IO block dump level
_kcfis_ioreqs_throttle_enabled           TRUE            Enable Smart IO requests throttling
_kcfis_work_set_appliances               2               Working Set of appliances in a KCFIS session
_kcfis_control1                          0               Kcfis control1
_kcfis_control2                          0               Kcfis control2
_kcfis_control3                          0               Kcfis control3
_kcfis_control4                          0               Kcfis control4
_kcfis_control5                          0               Kcfis control5
_kcfis_control6                          0               Kcfis control6
_kcfis_oss_io_size                       0               KCFIS OSS I/O size
_kcfis_read_buffer_limit                 0               KCFIS Read Buffer (per session) memory limit in bytes
_kcfis_cell_passthru_fromcpu_enabled     TRUE            Enable automatic passthru mode when cell CPU util is too high

35 rows selected.

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